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Immigration Appeals

Visa-Expert as part of its commitment to provide best immigration services, can offer Immigration appeals for UK visa application. We have specialist team who deal with appeal cases.

Our Immigration Lawyers ensure that every point in the refusal letter is answered in the Immigration Appeal, through the careful collection of evidence, analysis of case law and collection of witnesses. We carefully draft a clear action plan together with our clients. It is important that nothing is missed so we provide our Immigration appeal clients a clear list of documents to obtain. We can help you in following types of appeals:

Removal or Deportation Appeal

Illegal entrants, over-stayers, and those in breach of conditions may be summarily removed by directions given by an immigration officer. They have an unrestricted right of appeal against the decision to remove them. However, this right of appeal may only be exercised after removal unless the person has made an asylum or human rights claim or a claim that the decision breaches the EU law. We will discuss with you the details of your case and will advise you of your rights and the next course of action. Deportation decisions are made in those cases where deportation is considered conducive to the public good. These decisions are capable of being appealed, and deportation order cannot be made while an appeal is pending.

First Tier Tribunal - Immigration and Asylum

We have expert knowledge of the asylum legislation and may help you in preparation of your application, accompany you to the interview, request medical or other expert reports, and represent you in your dealings with the immigration authorities

We always seek to comply with directions which are sent by the First Tier Tribunal - Asylum and Immigration. The court will usually ask that all documents are sent to them 5 days before the hearing. We always aim towards this deadline to assist clear planning.

On the day of hearing, we ensure our clients are never out-gunned by hiring only the best specialist immigration barristers to represent at our client's immigration appeals. They will be fully briefed, with the full involvement in the preparation of the case.

Points-based Systems Appeals

We undertake all appeals against Immigration refusals under the point based system. All those applying under the Points Based System will have noticed the strict requirements of the immigration rules in this area. Even those who qualify under the rules can find themselves refused further leave to remain just because they did not have the correct documents or correct wording on their evidence.

We think an appeal statement is crucial to getting your voice and case across to the Immigration Judge. We work in collaboration with you to get a statement that has the correct points but remains in your voice.

A good statement is the fastest way to turn a judge in your favor!

Benefits of using our best lawyers to appeal

Our clients can have following benefits by using our appeal services:

  1. We will fully take over the case, including informing the court and Home Office that we are going to represent you.
  2. We will do the full preparation of all the documents and witness statements.
  3. We will advice you on all the documents needed to present for your appeal.
  4. We work with experienced barristers who will advice in preparation of the appeal and appear in court to represent you.
  5. All other work to win the case.
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